Choose the cookware sets for your daily

by Dealz Frenzy on May 15, 2018

We offer a full range of pots and pans for your daily kitchen needs. Thanks to constant and tireless innovation, you will find here the perfect accessory for preparing delicious and healthy meals for the perfect moment with your loved ones.

Fits sits and does not wobble: the lid

A well-fitting lid saves energy, shortens the cooking time and protects the nutrients. Because without a lid or a badly fitting lid, nutrients are lost with the steam and energy escapes into the environment. Therefore, the lid should close the pot optimally and not wobble. Overlying covers require a wide contact surface, so they close well and do not rattle. Close better plug-in lid, the edge of which protrudes into the pot inside. Also, a high weight of the lid contributes to better sealing.

Stainless steel and glass are particularly suitable for materials as they dissipate less heat. Glass lids allow you to monitor the pot contents without lifting the lid. However, they fog up during cooking and break more easily.

Pan lid should be curved far upwards so that the condensation water runs off to the side without dripping onto the roast.


The size: versatile and suitable

The required sizes of pots and pans depend on how much you usually cook. Two differently sized pans and four different pots in height and diameter belong to the usual basic equipment.

The sizes of the cookware should also match the existing hotplates. Because too small or too big pots and pans waste energy. But beware: The cookware is always given the diameter of the upper edge. However, the decisive factor is the diameter of the floor, which must match the diameter of the cooking plate. This is usually about two inches smaller. It is best to measure your cooking surface and follow this measure when selecting pots and pans.

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