Insulated Cup Maintenance Tips

by Dealz Frenzy on September 03, 2018

These general maintenance tips should greatly increase the lifespan of your new tumbler. Use them to keep your cup clean and good to use.

  1. First check to see if your tumbler is dishwasher-safe. If it is not, use warm water and soap to gently rinse the container after every use. Over time, when you see residue that has built up, follow the soapy rinse by wiping with a soft sponge and a rinse with water.
  2. Don’t store your tumbler with items that could scratch it. If you’ve owned stainless steel appliances, then you know how easily they scratch. To avoid ugly scratches and blemishes on your new tumbler, keep it away from other hard objects like keys and sand.
  3. Be careful not to drop tumblers as they will easily dent. Many small dents over time can even break the vacuum seal and render the insulation useless.

How should you pick the Best Tumbler?

To find the best tumbler for your needs, consider the following criteria:

Price: Insulated cups will range from $10 to $40. The vast majority of these cups will differ in the quality of their vacuum seal and thus will retain temperature differently. Cheaper models will also “lose” their vacuum-insulation by leaking air into the container walls. They will also dent and scratch more easily. In choosing between a cheap and expensive tumbler, ask yourself how long you expect the product to last.

Size: Most companies produce cups with sizes ranging from 10 to 30 ounces. Depending on the size of your cup, you will have to accommodate cup holders and buy different accessories. For example, each size of cup will require a different sized lid and handle.

Performance: Most tumbler cups will keep drinks cold for 8 hours and hot for 4 hours. Of course, these are overly general statements and rough approximations at best. The actual length of temperature retention will greatly depend on the brand you choose and the temperature of the climate that you are in.

Warranty: The best tumbler brands will offer lifetime warranties to uphold their reputation for durability. One such company is Hydro Flask. They promise to replace any defects from manufacturing for the rest of the time they are in business. Others will offer short 30-day return programs like Rtic. The longest warranties will come from expensive brands as you would imagine.
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