Can a thermos fit soya bean milk?

by Dealz Frenzy on June 06, 2018

There are many people who have used soya bean milk in the thermos cup, especially women and children. But can they really contain soya bean milk? Recently, there is a speech on the Internet that there can't be soy milk in the thermos cup. Can we install it in the end? What can not be installed in a thermos cup? Let's get together to solve this questiontoday.

Can the heat preservation cup be made of soya bean milk

The thermos cup is able to contain soya bean milk, whether it's stainless steel or glass. But soymilk can't be kept in thermos for long, because it will breed bacteria, make the protein in soybean milk deteriorate and affect our health.

Soybean milk is easy to deteriorate food, generally 4 hours can be deteriorated or sour, heat preservation cup is relatively closed, soybean milk in suitable temperature conditions, soybean milk as a nourishment, the cup in a large number of bacteria will breed, leading to the deterioration of soybean milk. So soya bean milk is best pressed for now. If it is taken out, it is best to finish it in 4 hours.

How to install soya bean milk in a hot cup

The thermos cup is bubbling with boiling water first, so that the whole cup can be heated up first, so that it can play the role of sterilization and avoid soybean milk pollution. After the soybean milk is finished, pour the water in the thermos cup, pour it into the soybean milk immediately, and set aside 1/5 of the empty space, so we can't pour it too full. Cover the lid, but don't tighten it first, then tighten it more than ten seconds, and then drink it as quickly as possible.

What can not be installed in a thermos cup

  1. thermal insulation Cup should not be loaded with milk, dairy products, fruit juice, tea, flesh type beverage and carbonated beverage. Otherwise, it will not only affect the nutrition of the drink, but also damage the heat preservation cup.
  2. avoid the strong collision of the thermos cup, otherwise the liner will burst, and the thermos cup will be invalid.
  3. when placing the thermos cup, we must keep away from the source and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will be deformed and discolored.
  4. if a cold drink is placed in the thermos cup, it is forbidden not to immediately put hot water into it, which will also cause rupture of the bile duct.
  5. cleaning insulation Cup, do not use hard cleaning tank, do not use metal wire, bleach, detergent and other cleaning bottle.
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