What other important features should be considered in buying travel mugs?

by Dealz Frenzy on September 03, 2018

Travel mugs come in many shapes and sizes. One has to make sure that the travel mug fits the cupholder in the car. If there is no cupholder for the travel mug to be placed in, then the buyer should consider buying travel mugs that have wide bottoms or those with non-slip ones. They are usually covered in thick black rubber that will prevent the mug sliding from place to place. Travel mugs with non-slip bottoms are very practical. They can be kept firmly in place on office tables and drawers. It is also very important to consider the locking or opening mechanism, or the seals of the travel mug. It is important to decide between a flap that snaps shut when no longer held by a finger, and a sliding mechanism that stays open until it is shut closed. This will depend largely on the buyer’s preferences and habits.

Washing travel mugs is also another matter to take into consideration. They should be washed by hand instead of washed by machine. Since they have seals and flaps, there is a huge tendency for soap residue to remain in the cups. One should also look for, consider, and buy travel mugs with leak-proof seals. Most stainless steel travel mugs have this feature. Office workers, students, and other employees who are always in a rush need to place this one at the top of their list. Many travel mugshave all the nice features, but are not actually leak-proof.

When buying a travel mug, most customers see the features they like, but get confused by the fact that they don’t like the design. Some will prefer a mug with handle. This can, however, cause a hassle if the mug needs to be placed inside a small bag. This is why it is very important to consider preferences, lifestyles, and habits when buying a travel mug.

For those people who are on the road every day, who commute to and from work or school: What type of travel mug should they look for? These busy people need to buy travel mugs that can be used with one hand. This goes for those who drive their own vehicles. More travel mugs produced today consider the necessity of one-hand handling of these containers to avoid the trouble of sifting inside the bag for the travel mug while the other hand needs to be doing something else.

What if someone wants to reheat their travel mug in their microwave? Heating or reheating travel mugs in microwaves can be done, but not all travel mugs are up for the task. A stainless steel travel mug should not be used. A plastic one can be used, although not all are made for heating in the microwave. The best advice for this is to simply read the labels and instructions that come with the travel mug. Look for signs that state that the mug can be used in microwaves. If there are no indications, one can ask the store assistants. It will be very wrong to assume that all plastic travel mugs can be used for reheating in the microwave. The fact that plastic travel mugs have chemicals that are in threat of drastically changing due to the temperature is a clear warning. This is also likely to happen when the plastic mug has been sitting in the heat for a long period of time. The mug might have already built up internal condensation. When this happens, the contents of the mug must be thrown. It should be washed well before being used again.

What about the taste? There is sometimes a taste that stays in water, coffee, or tea when used inside in plastic travel mugs, especially if the fluid has been in the container for a long period of time. Stainless steel ones are less likely to leave such tastes.

The last thing to consider is the size of the travel mug needed. For buyers who do not drink a lot of coffee, a size 8 oz. or 12 might do. Buying a large one will only be a hassle. Travel mugs are an efficient innovation in drinking favorite beverages, as long as buying them doesn’t become a nuisance.

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